In the present day world of competition and struggle, everyone aspires to achieve their dreams. Chances of such are less, and so to prevent getting disappointed, learn how to detox thc fast ?on the first go!

Many companies and organisations have made it mandatory for employees to go through a hair drug test on the professional front. If you fail in one, you might end up losing your dream opportunity. Here are some tips you can go about to overcome the drug test:

  • Shave Everything Off

The best option is to stop using the drug at least five to seven days before going for the test and then shave off all your body hair. The new hair that will grow will be drug-free.

  • Cleansing with Mud

Mud cleaners are also helpful in leaving off all drug residues from your hair. Hence this option can be considered.

  • Vinegar

Washing your hair with vinegar is an effective solution. Soak in your hair in vinegar for 15-20 minutes and follow a salicylic acid treatment for 30 minutes followed by a conditioner in the end. This can be done once a week for better results.

  • Make use of Detox Shampoos

This is an acidic-based shampoo designed to completely remove all toxic metabolites and chemicals from your hair follicle. However, the result is not satisfactory every time. Better go online and check reviews of various detox shampoos available in the market to prevent disappointment later.

  • Go for a self-Drug Test at Home

Nowadays, there are various drug kits available that come at handy and at affordable price. Better try using one before you go for the actual test to get assured.

All the best for your Hair Follicle Test, Do not panic and go on!