You can listen to the widest variety of music from the most diversified creator community worldwide of the biggest music and audio platforms on the market. The portal has gained attention for its unique content and services, which include abilities to exchange audio and establish direct contact with artists and discover ground-breaking tracks, unfinished recordings, podcasts, and other things. An open platform links creators and their fans worldwide and directs communication to this feasible.

When connecting HookSounds to your platform, you will get the free music for videos instantly integrated into your software, services, tangible products, and other types of projects. They have no restrictions on downloading music, intros, and SFXs and no additional fees. Also, you can cancel anytime.

What makes Hook Sounds appealing?

At HookSounds, you can download from a curated collection of premium, royalty-free music created by our brilliant in-house musicians based on analysis, trends, and market data. They guarantee you complete legal protection because they make all of the royalty-free music. Third parties, advance payments, or unstated costs won’t be an issue for you.

What makes your brand sound unique?

People are becoming aware of how important to select the appropriate music for multimedia projects. It consists of the effect background music has on viewers. Hook Sounds created this website to give the best free music for videos of content producers.

The first stock music service owned and run by artists at HookSounds has evolved over the years. They usually add new ones daily to improve the collection of songs and sound effects with original and distinctive. Therefore, if you find yourself looking for the ideal music to create the mood and ambiance you want your viewers to experience, then urge you to browse through the collection and start listening.

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Choose a subscription.

The benefits of a subscription are best if you routinely upload videos. Therefore, you can complete access to 35,000 tracks and 1 million sound effects with every membership with unlimited usage and downloads.

  • Premium Personal Plan – $14.99/month

Individual Creators | YouTubers | Own Productions

The monthly cost of the all-inclusive HookSounds Premium Subscription costs $14.99. Everything you’ll need to musicalize your material and elevate it, including top-notch songs, audio effects, and intros.

  • Business Commercial Plan – $49 /month

Agencies | Large Businesses | Stores

HookSounds Business Subscription is $49 per month, all-inclusive. Great for businesses. Includes every feature we offer plus unlimited resources, licenses, and platforms.

  • Custom Plan

Crafted Solutions & Integrations | Custom Requests

By getting a plan, you will get unlimited music with fully access plans at 25% off and browse all well-curated, original content libraries. Every week, new music is uploaded. The music is safe to use, and you won’t ever need to be concerned about copyright disputes, P.R.O. payments, or other royalties because they write and own all of the music.