Out of the list of popular web series launched by Telugu online content platform aha has also had content Tamil web series fans. Here are some web series to watch.

  • Anay’s Tutorial 

The web series is based on a psychological thriller. It follows the story of two sisters Lavanya and her elder sister Madhu. Lavanya moved out of her house because she was agitated with her family matters and started living alone.

With no choice, Lavanya started her social media page called Anay’s Tutorial; here, she shows fake ghostly elements in her house, and in no time, she was getting attention on her page. Here is the twist in the story where Lavanya herself experiences paranormal activities.

All these horror activities are linked with her elder sister Madhu. This series is full of suspense and twists that will keep you guessing until the end, do watch the show.

  • Irai 

This series is based on a crime thriller. It follows the story of a well-known person who got kidnapped; for an investigation, ACP Robert Vasudevan was brought into the case.

The Irai series is a great mystery series. It’s well-written, and the characters are likeable. The mystery is also well-plotted, and the ending is satisfying.

How does Robert investigate this case?

Who are the kidnappers?

What do they want?

And how does this kidnap relate to a couple of decades back? To know all the answers, do watch the amazing series.

Irai has been well-received by the audience and has received good reviews and ratings.

  • Ramany Vs Ramany 3.0

Ramany Vs Ramany 3.0 is an Indian Tamil-language comedy thriller. The web series was written by Gopu Babu Bharat and Gopu Vigneshwari, Suresh Prashanth and directed by Naga. The show features Ram. G, as Mr Ramany, and Vasuki Anand as Mrs Ramany in the lead roles. It is the third instalment in this series.

It is a comedy show; it follows the story of a fun family that has always been in trouble, and how they deal with it is funny; even with so many problems, how the family is united by their unconditional love is shown in this series.

Critics have praised the web series for its direction, acting, story, and screenplay

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Some of the most popular and latest Tamil web series on Aha OTT include “Anay’s Tutorial”, “Irai”, and “Ramany Vs Ramany 3.0”.

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