You might not be aware of it; but during the summer season it’s not only the men who look forward to the sexy ladies in their swimwear. Even the women also look forward to admiring the gorgeous male bodies. It is said that women must think of Speedo as heaven-sent for introducing the men’s skimpy swim briefs during the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. This is why swim briefs are also called Speedos. Today swim briefs are popularly produced by many brands like Daily Jocks.

What is a swim brief?

A swim brief is one of the contemporary swimwear that is form-fitting. It also has a V-shaped front with a back that is fully covered. The swim brief is set in place by a stretch waistband along with a thin elastic band around the upper thigh area. Today, more men are trying to veer away from loose board shorts and swim trunks and instead choosing these skimpy and super-sexy swim briefs.

These pieces may not be the most popular among professional athletes, but men are starting to enjoy the comfort and physical support this type of swimwear provides. Today, you can easily find swim briefs of varied designs, coverage, and colors. You can easily find a particular type of brief for anyone. You just have to know what features to look for.

Daily Jocks

Make sure you have the right measurements

Because of hygiene reasons, it is prohibited to fit swim briefs in any retail outlet. This makes it crucial for any man to take accurate measurements of his waist specifically and thighs using a tape measure. To take the most accurate measurements, the buyer has to stand in front of a full-length mirror wearing only his underwear. He must wrap the tape measure around his waist. It must fit snugly, and the tape must stay straight.

Choose the right material

Swim briefs and other types of swimwear from Daily Jocks are often made of some synthetic and stretchy material such as spandex, nylon, and polyester. For the professional athletes, nylon and lycra are the most popular choices since they are more elastic which can be useful during competitions. Polyester on the other hand may be too much though.

Always think of quality

When buying men’s swimwear, quality must not be underestimated. You must always choose the best quality your budget may allow. Swim briefs have to be comfortable, stretchy, and chlorine-resistant. Make sure that it dries easily and must not snag easily as well. By looking for these characteristics you can rest assured that your swim brief can stand the test of time.

You must know how to take care of your swim briefs and other types of swimwear. it must not be placed in the washer after taking it off. Rinse it with tap water and soak it in the sink for thirty minutes to remove the sand, chlorine, and salt.