Ice and snow are fun until they become dangerous. Without proper maintenance, your swimming pool may not be so relaxing after it is opened.

This is especially true if you own a pool in a commercial space like a resort, hotel, amusement park, training center, etc. The same holds even if you own a pool at your home. Make sure to take proper care of the pool when you winterize the pool. Otherwise, when the winter is gone, your pool will not retain the same sparkly water or hygienic ambiance it has now.

Here are a few handpicked tips preached and practiced by a leading swimming pool contractor. Take a look.

Ensure to check the pool covers 

A pool cover is an important element to purchase when winter snow is approaching. Purchase a high-quality pool cover to keep the frost at bay. A mesh cover is an ideal choice for many as it shields the pool adequately according to the article source.

decorate a pool during the holiday season

Pour more salt 

Salt plays a crucial role to keep a pool from getting frozen. Though it may sound ironic, it’s true. The cover pump can help you to easily clean off the cover if you have a heavily chlorinated pool or saltwater pool. So you don’t need to be worried about how to protect the pool during winter. Also, when the season changes and you reopen the pool, you can easily ward off the chlorinated water.

Nevertheless, make sure not to use ordinary salt that is often used in roads, driveways, and sidewalks. That’s because they have an excessive amount of additives that can do more harm than good.

Here’s what you can do. Head to a swimming pool element shop and you will find high-quality chemical salt that has protective chemicals mixed with salt. Such salts are sold for commercial purposes only. These are more effective in keeping frost at bay. However, if you have children at your home and you use this salt in your pool, make sure to keep your children away from it. Exposure to such chemically-driven salt may cause health issues.

Get it cleaned 

Keeping each element clean in your home is important. The same holds for a pool. Make sure to engage a professional maintenance service to keep the pool clean and tidy at all times.


Found the article informative? Implement these tips and keep your pool clean and hygienic at all seasons, especially during winter when the water remains unused.