The Dishes your Restaurant must have on its Menu

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The Dishes your Restaurant must have on its Menu

Restaurant food varies from country to country or even from place to place depending on the local people. Many people go to those restaurants which serve foods of their place of origin while others are after a taste of something new. For those who are fond of Indian delicacies, here are top foods that you’re likely to find in Indian restaurants.

  1. Chicken Tandoori:

This dish is the top favorite among Indians. This dry delicacy is loved by all the members of the family in the northern region of India and all non vegetarians living in India. This is ordered mainly as a starter item and eaten with lime juice and fresh salad. It is prepared with tandoori masala and yogurt mixture in the tandoor. The slightly burnt outside compliments with soft inner portion of the chicken. In many restaurants, it is served with a pinch of Chaat masala sprinkled on top to make it more palatable.Whole-Tandoori-Chicken

  1. Butter Chicken:

This dish is also popularly known as Murgh Makhani as it melts instantly in the mouth. It can serve as a delectable side dish with naan and parathas. The chicken used in the dish is boneless and skinless and the taste is mesmerizing. It is popular among all the foodies living across India. The buttery taste mixed with a blend of wonderful spices makes the dish feel fantastic.

  1. Mutton Rogan Josh:butter-chicken-1

This spicy red meat curry is another very popular recipe among North Indians loving lamb and red meat. Mutton Rogan Josh uses Kashmiri red chillis that add both color and flavor to the dish. This dish goes well with sweet rice, white rice and jeera rice. You can also take butter naan, tandoori roti or paratha with this fiery curry.

  1. Malai Kofta:

This is a top favorite vegetarian dish in India. You will love this dish as it contains mild flavoring with garam masala, thick cream and nuts. Malai kofta is actually vegetable balls made with many types of boiled vegetables and paneer mash. This can be served with rice or chapattis.

  1. Palak paneer:

This healthy side dish is popular among Indians. Paneer is cooked in spinach sauce using special spices and heavy cream. It serves well for vegetarians eating naan and rice at the lunch or dinner in a restaurant.


  1. Chicken Biriyani:

Biriyani is all time favorite among all the non vegetarians residing in India. You may like the Lucknow style which is milder or Hyderabad style which is hotter depending on your taste. Restaurants specialize in this dish coming as an influence from the Nawabs ruling some parts of the country. The spice medley in this dish is tricky. It can be eaten with pickle and raita.

  1. Kebabs:

Kebabs are cooked on skewers inside tandoor and contains a subtle mixture of spices and meat. This north Indian favorite comes mainly from the Middle East. This serves as an appetizing menu in most restaurants. Kebabs are difficult to make at home and so kebab lovers rush to the restaurant when they have kebab craving. Vegetarian kebabs are favorite among customers and restaurants make these from paneer, vegetables and fruits in place of meat. It is of many types.

  1. 1-Papri-Chaat-3-1-of-1Chaat:

Chaat is very popular among North Indians originating from Uttar Pradesh. These are tangy and savory and prepared with potato, coriander leaves, bhujia and all sorts of cracker type materials. Women and children generally love these varieties. Some varieties are aloo chat, tikki chat, samosa chaat, bhelpuri, papri chaat and pakora chaat. Roadside stalls sell these items, but specialized restaurants serve such delicacies to meet the demands of the customers.

  1. Kulcha and chole:

Chole is the top favorite among Punjabis and other vegetarians in India. It is served with Kulcha which is a soft bread made with flour. Chole tastes heavenly with mixture of wonderful spices. Some restaurants get tired of supplying this variety to customers. You can have this meal with pickle.

  1. Masala Dhosa:

This delicacy is favorite in South India but many customers from other places also ask for this item in restaurants. Dhosa is prepared with rice, daal after being soaked overnight. The filling comprises of potato, chili, onion and coriander leaves. This is eaten with sambar, coconut chutney as accompaniments.

Go and have a look at the menu in the nearby Indian restaurant to see if one of these is present. Try these wonderful delicacies and have a nice eat out experience.

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