Government is taking a lot of initiatives in order to protect the mother and nature and among them the automobile sector is causing a lot of environmental pollution because of the emission of hazardous chemicals into the environment which is responsible for global warming and climatic changes.In order to prevent this the government is pushing the automobile industry in order to manufacture eco friendly vehicles among them are the electric vehicles. With the invention of electric vehicles the government has developed a lot of policies such as tax credit and various other benefits if customers use electric vehicles they get benefited in many race and in return they are protecting the environment. Usually the electric vehicles are a bit expensive in such cases you can visit the platform electric cars for sale in San Diego where you get the top notch as well as most durable car set reasonable prices and also the company provide you with many added benefits.

How one can replace the destruction ’cause to Mother Nature

 Each and every individual as a citizen should take care of their environment and this should not impact our lives and for that you need to take a lot of initiatives like planting trees and using emission free vehicles so that it is very useful in order to protect the Mother Nature and at the same time your sister will be of high quality.

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 the use of electric cars it has many added advantages that your drive will be very smooth even the driver and the customers feel the comfort Ness and in the city stop and go traffic this is very useful because it doesn’t consume a lot of energy for that and at the same time the drive is very safe enough.