The best lightweight solution for electrical pits and drainage is glass reinforced concrete pits. Because of its weight ratio, increased strength to ease of use on-site. The Glass reinforcement concrete (GRC) pits are a popular choice for several applications. One of the most important factors in the construction industry is the use of concrete. Concrete is a potent and durable material that can be used in different applications. The property that needs to consider when selecting glass-reinforced pits for a project is strength.

A concrete stormwater pit is an amazing way to use this material, as they are both affordable and durable. Stormwater pits can be made in a range of different sizes and shapes, ensuring that they will suit different needs.

Understand a glass-reinforced concrete is

Glass-reinforced concrete is a type of concrete that involves alkali-resistant fiberglass in place of traditional steel mesh or rebar. This makes the concrete lighter and more eco-friendly, without losing its strength. A new type of concreting product is glass-reinforced concrete which can offer your more flexibility with your designs. While still durable as common concrete. There are different great benefits of glass-reinforced concrete that can make projects to be more excellent. When selecting the appropriate type of concrete for a project, it is vital to consider the properties of the concrete and the environment that will use it.

Check out the great benefits of glass-reinforced concrete pits 

Lightweight and Strong

  • Glass-reinforced concrete has parallel strength to traditional concrete while being up to 80% lighter. This makes it a lot easier to manage and affordable to transport.


  • Versatility has been a deciding factor in the success of glass-reinforced concrete. GRC has been used nowadays more as a cladding and roofing material. The versatility of the material and weather resistance as the primary choice for new construction and renovation projects.

Strength and Durability

  • The need for new and innovative construction materials grows as the world advances. Glass-reinforced concrete is a material that has been getting popularity in the latest years. Glass-reinforced concrete is made by merging cement, water, sand, glass fibers, and sand. This makes it perfect for use in construction projects where a top level of security is needed.

glass reinforced concrete pits

Green Construction

  • Green construction is the process of designing and constructing a building or other structure in an eco-friendly way. The main aspects of green construction involve natural lighting, recyclable materials, and heating and cooling systems.


  • Because it’s lighter compared to traditional concrete, it costs lesser to convey upright glass-reinforced concrete. You will also have a faster installation.

Check out the common uses of GRC

            The lightweight GRC panels provide an amazing deal of flexibility in design, making them more well-known among designers and architects.

  • Worktops
  • Cladding
  • Moulds
  • Landscaping