With its exceptional value Starter formation bundle, Active Filings shines out. Free LLC forms and incorporations are only provided by a small number of formation firms. Even fewer companies provide all-inclusive packages that include operating agreement preparation, registered agent services, and formation. However, Active Filings also provides premium packages at exorbitant costs, much like many of its rivals. Most filers will wish to steer clear of the many add-on services that are available. The English-language version of Active Filings’ website is likewise not entirely clear. Active Filings and its alternatives  takes longer to determine which services the firm actually provides and at what cost because it is more difficult to browse than the websites of many rivals.

Which plan offers the most financial value?

The Starter package from Active Filings offers the best value with a free year of registered agent service, Operating Agreement preparation, and Articles of Organization or Incorporation all included. Expedited filing is an optional one-time service that costs $50 and has a somewhat slower turnaround time. The three services we view as necessary for a “complete” formation are thus included in the $50 total price, and you’ll receive your paperwork shortly after they have been accepted. An important plus is the annual compliance monitoring and filing. The more expensive subscriptions offered by Active Filings are chock-full of extraneous extras and upsells. Unfortunately, this is a widespread practice in the sector.


Active Filing Pros

  • Great price for the basic structure
  • A reasonable turnaround time
  • Excellent assistance for Spanish speakers

Cons of Active Filing

  • A small business with few resources
  • Ambiguous website with service and price information
  • A little value addition to premium packages